Tasso Katselas, Proposal for an Apartment Complex, (1962)

(from the architect’s proposal)

“Although the proposed apartment towers will be uniform, any mechanical feeling will be eliminated by their informal arrangement. Each building will be seen at a different angle and elevation as one moves though the park-like site. The four apartment floor plan reduces public corridor to a minimum. The L-shaped plan of the individual unit necessitates a large area of internal corridor, but will give each unit complete visual privacy.”

“The entire structure will be of reinforced concrete. The tapered ‘column walls” will be slip formed with notches to receive the “frame beams” which will be precast on the site. Clear and obscure glass set into aluminum frames will form the exterior walls. The underside of the concrete slab floors will be exposed, except over the kitchen and service core, where hung ceilings will conceal mechanical equipment. There will be central heating and air conditioning units.”